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Grand Prix racing – The Mobil 1™ Grand Prix mechanic

Mobil 1 technicians provide immediate feedback to the team, using our ExxonMobil Analytical Center. The technician works with an oil analyzer, which can measure up to 18 different elements in tenths of parts per million. We are able to accurately measure the particles in the engine oil, gear oil and hydraulic oil. In addition, we’re able to give highly detailed information back to the team on the health and condition of the engine and gearbox, improving reliability and performance.

McLaren-Honda technician Mike Frost

Mike Frost

Mobil 1 Racing™ Technical Advisor

“Our service is really crucial to the team. We are like a microscope that inspects inside the engine to give the team that extra little bit of knowledge to allow them to finish a race.”

– Mike Frost

Mike Frost is a racing technical advisor at ExxonMobil and is a key part of the team that develops and monitors the fuel and lubricants package for the McLaren-Honda Grand Prix team. In the pit lane garage for every race, Frost is responsible for the analysis of lubricant and fuel performance. He is an integral part of the overall success of the car.

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