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NASCAR® – the Mobil 1™ NASCAR team

Mobil 1 NASCAR team Matt Borland

Matt Borland

Vice President of Technology  Twitter: @StewartHaasRcng

NASCAR® racing provides the ideal environment for Mobil 1™ engineers to develop and assess advanced lubricants that lead to products that can help optimize your vehicle’s performance and keep it running like new.

“Mobil 1 products do a very good job of keeping friction at an absolute minimum, so that we keep as much horsepower as possible and keep our temperatures down.”

– Matt Borland

Borland has a reputation as one of the hardest working people in NASCAR®. In May 2007, Borland moved to Haas CNC Racing (now Stewart-Haas Racing) to lead the team as its director of competition. When Tony Stewart became part owner of the team in 2009, Borland changed roles to become technical director.

His lengthy tenure at Stewart-Haas has seen him promoted to Vice President of Competition and his current role of Vice President of Technology, overseeing all of the team’s technical initiatives and various research and development projects. Borland is passionate about maintaining Stewart-Haas Racing's status as a top-tier performer in the elite NASCAR® Sprint Cup Series.

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