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For drivers like you, performance is everything. It’s a feeling, an attitude, an experience. It’s an unspoken bond between you and your car. We get it. 

That’s why we engineer Mobil 1™ motor oils for performance, whether you’re on the highway, the back roads or the Brickyard.

It’s also why Mobil 1 motor oil is:

  • Chosen by many of the world’s leading auto manufacturers
  • Chosen by more than half of all NASCAR teams and is the Official Motor Oil of NASCAR®

Mobil 1 performance means:

  • Powerful wear protection
  • Superb engine cleanliness
  • High-temperature performance
  • Cold weather startup

But, don’t take our word for it. See for yourself how Mobil 1 oil performs on the road even in some of the toughest conditions imaginable.

The turbocharger revolution

Higher operating temperatures, higher rpm, greater compression. Discover the importance of Mobil 1™ motor oil in today’s turbo engines.

Running in high temperatures

See how Mobil 1™ formulation resists oil deposit formations – even in severe-service, high-temperature tests.

Cold weather protection

See how Mobil 1™ motor oil performs and protects in subzero temperatures during a road trip to the Arctic Circle.

Meeting or exceeding industry specifications

Learn how tests show Mobil 1™ oils meet or exceed tough industry specs: API, ACEA, and ILSAC GF-5, among others.

More than a million km

See a video about a Mercedes that’s run for more than a million kilometers with Mobil 1™ motor oil in its engine.

Reducing wear

Find out why Mobil 1™ oils offer outstanding wear protection, as seen in real-world testing in extreme conditions.

Mobil 1™ handles extremes

See how Mobil 1™ stands up to even the most severe simulated driving conditions. See the results of our latest tests.
Mobil 1™ performance

Live engine teardown

What happens when you run taxis 24/7 in extreme heat and dust of Las Vegas? See how Mobil 1™ oil fares in a live engine teardown.

Our normal is anything but.

Find out how Mobil 1™ synthetic motor oil helps keep your engine running like new – even in some of the harshest conditions.
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