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Any type of vehicle. 20,000 miles. Guaranteed.

That's correct. Any type. It doesn't matter. Mobil 1™ Annual Protection motor oil offers guaranteed engine protection for 20,000 miles between oil changes.* What do you drive? Use our selector tool and we'll make the match.

Find your ultimate oil

*Or one year, whichever comes first.

Does vehicle age matter?

Mobil 1 Annual Protection motor oil is for both new cars and older cars. Available in 0W-20, 5W-20 and 5W-30 viscosities, Mobil 1 Annual Protection oils are recommended for all types of modern vehicles, including high-performance, turbocharged, supercharged, multi-valve and fuel-injectedengines that are found in:

  • Passenger cars
  • SUVs
  • Light vans
  • Light trucks
For more information on recommended uses, please see the Mobil 1 Annual Protection product details page.

Engineer pouring Mobil 1™ Annual Protection

Mobil 1™ Annual Protection FAQs

Get answers to frequently asked questions about Mobil 1™ Annual Protection motor oil.
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Upgrade and save with Mobil 1™ Annual Protection

How much can you save when you switch to Mobil 1 Annual Protection motor oil? Try our calculator.
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20,000 miles of protection? Prove it.

How could Mobil 1™ Annual Protection motor oil work so well for so long? Mechanic John B. definitely had his doubts. Then he saw the proof.
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