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Our Normal is anything but.

After undergoing rigorous tests in our own labs and by independent industry experts, Mobil 1™ synthetic motor oil is proven to provide outstanding performance and protection for your engine. Testing under conditions both real and extreme for proven performance in harsh conditions – that’s our normal.

Hot N' Cold Performance by Mobil 1™

Richard Rawlings and Aaron Kaufman, hosts of Discovery’s “Fast N’ Loud” TV show, wanted to test that performance for themselves. Watch what they do to find out how well Mobil 1™ motor oil handles extreme temperatures.

"Fast N' Loud" Episode 01 - Hot
Richard and Aaron fill a "beat-up grandpa-mobile" with Mobil 1 motor oil and then race 512 laps around a track, pushing the engine's temperature to nearly 300°F. Watch the video to see the results.

"Fast N' Loud" Episode 02 - Cold

Richard bets Aaron double or nothing that Mobil 1 motor oil won't perform after being encased overnight in dry ice until it reaches -40°F. Watch the video to find out who wins the wager.

Mobil 1TM performance
Mobil 1™ synthetic motor oil was formulated to help keep your engine running like new in arctic cold, desert heat and everything in between.


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