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Why do taxi services use old police cars?

Powerful wear protection means new life for high mileage engines
See how techs convert police cruisers to cabs.


The American-made sedan is the overwhelming vehicle of choice for police departments across the United States. Manufacturers build special heavy-duty models that are designed to handle the rough life of the police cruiser. In all manner of weather and road conditions, law enforcement officers are constantly responding to emergencies, engaging in high-speed pursuits, idling for long periods of time and more.

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From “Protect and Serve” to taxi service
Police cars are maintained regularly to ensure that when duty calls, they’ll be ready to answer. Nevertheless, the demands of such a difficult job can put these hardworking vehicles on the road to retirement – even as early as 100,000 miles. However, thanks in part to developments of Mobil 1™ advanced full synthetic engine oils, many get a new life by transitioning from public servant to the private sector. A police cruiser that has given its all and is still in good condition will be stripped of its law enforcement gear and offered up at auction.

The new owner of one old police car, a cab operator, starts with a thorough inspection and cleaning (particularly for the back seat!). Any outstanding mechanical and cosmetic issues are addressed, and equipment is installed to prepare the car for fare-paying customers. Finally, it’s time to make a paint switch from police livery to taxicab colors.

Arresting engine wear is the law of the land
Our taxicab operator knows that a well-maintained police car has a lot of life left in it at 100,000 miles, especially if the engine has always been filled with Mobil 1 oil. And the cab driver will continue running this American workhorse on Mobil 1, because it keeps engines running like new by helping to combat sludge, reduce wear and control oil breakdown.

With Mobil 1 oil in the crankcase, the new owner of this retired police car expects to easily add another 100,000 miles or more to its odometer.

Those taxi miles will be almost as punishing as police miles, with a lot of stop-and-start traffic, unforgiving roads, brutal weather and hours of idling. And across shifts, a cab could be out making runs 24 hours a day! But behind a pair of mirrored police-style sunglasses, the operator is coolly confident that the exceptional wear protection of Mobil 1 motor oil is extending the life of the cab’s engine.

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