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Mobil Super™ offers proven engine wear protection

Mobil Super motor oils are formulated to meet and/or exceed the latest industry standards. What does this mean for you? Mobil Super is a premium conventional oil that helps extend the life of your vehicle’s engine by helping to reduce wear and combat sludge.

Engine wear protection
An engine is an assembly of moving parts located very close together. Motor oil maintains the separation between these parts. The friction of metal against metal can cause these parts to wear down, gradually robbing your engine of power and performance. In severe cases, wear can lead to engine failure – and an expensive repair.

To help protect your engine from wear across a broad range of driving conditions, the Mobil Super oil formulations are engineered with specially selected additives to help reduce oil breakdown, so they can keep lubricating your engine until it’s time for your scheduled oil change.

Helps combat sludge
Sludge can form in your engine from a variety of sources and coat and clog critical components – which can prevent those components from moving the way they should move.

The detergent and dispersant additives in our Mobil Super motor oils are carefully selected to protect and clean the entire system to help combat sludge formation – even in severe conditions.

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