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Mobil Super™ severe service tests

Nearly every day, vehicle owners make important decisions that can affect the life, performance and reliability of their vehicles. One of the most important decisions a vehicle owner must make is choosing a trustworthy motor oil. Results from a recent series of service tests show how Mobil Super™ premium conventional motor oil protects engines from sludge and keep them running efficiently in a range of driving conditions.

Mobil Super versus 100,000 miles
The Mobil Super severe service tests were performed at the ExxonMobil Technical Center in Paulsboro, New Jersey. At that busy research facility, lubricant engineers tested Mobil Super under simulated grueling driving conditions, running an engine lubricated with Mobil Super for 100,000 miles:

  • With a 1,500-pound load
  • Variable degree of incline
  • At 25,000-mile drain intervals
  • 1-2 quarts low on oil

Vehicle operation under such severe combined conditions can sometimes result in excessive wear and potential engine breakdown.

The severe service test results are in
Following the series of tests, engineers disassembled the engine completely and invited a third-party engine inspector in to assess the results and look for mechanical and corrosive wear throughout the engine. The results showed:

  • No sludge deposits
  • Engine parts that were much cleaner than expected under such use
  • Well-controlled viscosity increase, and low iron levels, in the used oil

See the results for yourself.

Consumers can rest assured: Mobil Super premium conventional motor oil is the smart choice and helps to extend the life of your engine by combating sludge and reducing wear.

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