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Mobil ATF DM

Mobil ATF™ D/M

Engineered to provide excellent oxidation stability and help prevent corrosion

Mobil ATF D/M automatic transmission fluid provides excellent oxidation and friction stability, anti-wear properties and low-temperature fluidity desired for most automatic transmissions. Mobil ATF D/M is recommended by ExxonMobil for use in applications requiring:

  • GM DEXRON® IIIH transmission fluid
  • Ford MERCON® transmission fluid
  • Allison C-4 transmission fluid

Automatic transmissions should be checked for proper fluid levels at regular intervals, and the fluid should be changed at manufacturer-recommended intervals. However, this may vary due to your vehicle's operating conditions. Some manufacturers recommend more frequent changes of transmission fluid under severe driving conditions, such as heavy traffic, high ambient temperature and trailer pulling.

Features and benefits

Excellent oxidation stability

  • Helps resist chemical deterioration over long service periods

High viscosity index

  • Helps retain adequate lubricating body for severe hot-weather service without thickening excessively at low starting temperatures

Corrosion prevention

  • Helps provide protection against rusting and corrosion, plus special protection for soldered fittings

Foaming resistance

  • Contains an effective anti-foaming agent

Elastomer compatibility

  • Is not harmful to synthetic rubber seal materials

Good lubricating characteristics

  • Helps promote quiet operation, smooth shifting and excellent wear protection

Controlled friction properties

  • Supports smooth and efficient transmission of power throughout all normal temperature ranges

  • Mobil ATF D/M

    Specifications and approvals

    Mobil ATF D/M is recommended by ExxonMobil for use in applications requiring:

    • GM Dexron® III H
    • Ford’s Mercon®
    • Allison C-4

    Note: Mobil ATF D/M is not recommended for other applications, including GM DEXRON® VI, Ford MERCON® V , MERCON LV®, MERCON SP® and Type F ATF

    Technical details

    cSt @ 40ºC 35.3
    cSt @ 100ºC 7.4
    cSt @ -40ºC 16,670
    Viscosity Index 183
    Flash Point, ºC (F)         180 (356)
    Gravity, API 32
    Color Red

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