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Response to claims that products contain "mostly mineral oil"

"I've seen claims of gas chromatograph analysis of Mobil 1™ Extended Performance 5W-30 SM dated 10-06 that state it is 'mostly mineral oil.' Realizing that you cannot divulge your exact formulations, what do you say to the critics that claim you are using a high percentage of hydro processed mineral oil in Mobil 1™ instead of the more expensive PAO or polyester base stocks?"

Jeff Willett, St. Peters, Missouri


Just like other companies, we do not discuss our product formulations for obvious proprietary reasons. Mobil 1™ Extended Performance is formulated using a combination of high performance fluids including PAO, along with a proprietary system of performance additives. But in the end, it is also about performance. Mobil 1™ synthetic motor oil is used by more Original Equipment Manufacturers than any other oil as factory fill in their vehicles. Also take note of the kind of testing we put our product through, including the Las Vegas field testing we completed. The Mobil 1 technology is also tested each weekend on the race track. In fact, more than 50 percent of all NASCAR teams use Mobil 1 synthetic oil.


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