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What oil is recommended for my Corvette?

I own a newer Corvette and want to know what oil is actually recommended for my car because the fill cap no longer says use Mobil 1™ oil. My service writer didn't have the answer.


Mobil 1™ advanced full synthetic motor oil has served as the factory fill for all dry sump oil reservoirs (Z51 Performance Package) Chevrolet Corvettes and the recommended service fill for all Corvettes since 1993. Mobil 1 products are licensed and approved GM dexos1™ and meet and exceed the dexos1 specifications. New Mobil 1 under hood stickers are now available to Corvette owners via the contact us form. Please provide your mailing address and specify if you own a newer Corvette or a C6 and older model so we can send you stickers with the appropriate logo.

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