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  • Why should I consider using Mobil 1™ Extended Performance?

    Mobil 1 Extended Performance is a synthetic oil designed to keep your engine running like new even during today’s longer service intervals. With Mobil 1 Extended Performance synthetic motor oil, you get proven protection up to 15,000 miles, guaranteed. It’s our most advanced full synthetic formulation and offers outstanding all-around protection that outperforms our conventional oils, synthetic blends and regular full synthetic motor oils.
  • What is the difference between Mobil 1™ Extended Performance and Mobil 1™?

    Mobil 1 Extended Performance has an even more robust formula that has been proven in extensive field tests to help protect critical engine parts for 15,000 miles between oil changes – guaranteed. We’ve selected specific synthetic components to deliver this outstanding level of performance.
  • If Mobil 1™ Extended Performance is recommended for 15,000-mile intervals, what’s the maximum limit to which it can be pushed? In other words, if a driver goes an extra 1,000 miles or so, is he going to damage his engine?

    Mobil 1 Extended Performance synthetic oil is recommended for oil change intervals up to 15,000 miles or one year, whichever occurs first. However, if your vehicle manufacturer recommends an oil change interval beyond 15,000 miles and Mobil 1 Extended Performance meets the performance level specified, you can be assured that Mobil 1 Extended Performance will go the distance.
  • Do I need to flush my engine before switching to Mobil 1™ Extended Performance synthetic oil?

    You do not need to flush your engine prior to changing to Mobil 1 Extended Performance.
  • Does Mobil 1™ Extended Performance synthetic oil meet GF-5 specifications?

    All viscosities of Mobil 1™ Extended Performance meet GF-5. Additionally, they meet or exceed the requirements of various ACEA (European) specifications.
  • Upon what driving conditions are these performance claims based? Normal or severe driving conditions?

    These claims relate to all typical consumer driving conditions, excluding those mentioned below. In other words, if you drive under normal conditions and use Mobil 1™ Extended Performance synthetic oil in your vehicle, the oil is guaranteed to protect your engine for 15,000 miles. We also recommend that drivers consult their owner’s manual while their vehicle is under warranty, and follow the guidelines set forth there. Additionally, we recommend that if consumers drive routinely in severe conditions that they follow the oil change interval recommended in their owner's manual for severe conditions. We define "severe conditions" as:

    • Racing or commercial applications
    • Frequent towing or hauling
    • Extremely dusty or dirty conditions
  • If I go longer between oil change intervals, do I need to change my oil filter more frequently? Or do I need a special filter?

    Continue to change your oil filter when you change your engine oil. Special filters or more frequent oil filter changes are not required; however, some low-quality filters may not be capable of protecting your engine throughout an extended oil change interval. Mobil 1™ Extended Performance Oil Filters hold and remove three times the dirt versus the leading economy filter brand.*

    Mobil 1 Extended Performance Oil Filters are designed to remove more impurities (99.9 percent Multi-Pass Efficiency Test rating) and hold more contaminants (22.5 grams capacity) than conventional oil filters, which make them ideal candidates when oil drain intervals are extended. All new car warranties remain in effect when Mobil 1 Extended Performance Oil Filters are used. Follow your vehicle manufacturer's recommended oil change intervals.

    *Based on M1-301 test results.

  • What makes Mobil 1™ superior to our conventional motor oil?

    First, the performance of Mobil 1™ is more robust, especially in terms of low-temperature pumping and flow. High-temperature stability leading to protection against deposits is also superior. These attributes translate into less engine wear, which helps keep your engine running like new, and a long engine life. Conventional oils lack the performance of synthetic motor oils in the areas of low-temperature performance and high-temperature oxidation stability. Mineral base stocks used in conventional motor oils also contain significantly more impurities, such as aromatics and other undesirable contaminants that cannot be completely removed by conventional refining of crude oil.
  • Is it okay to mix conventional motor oil with Mobil 1™ motor oil?

    Yes. Mobil 1 is fully compatible with conventional motor oils, semi-synthetic motor oils and other synthetic motor oils, should it be necessary to mix them. But the superior performance of Mobil 1 will be reduced by diluting it.
  • Will the use of Mobil 1™ void my new-car warranty?

    With the exception of the Mazda rotary engine (Mazda does not recommend any synthetic oils), Mobil 1 will not void new-car warranties where an American Petroleum Institute (API) certified oil is recommended. Mobil 1 meets or exceeds API and International Lubricant Standardization and Approval Committee (ILSAC) motor oil service requirements of all new-car manufacturers, both import and domestic. If in doubt, always check your vehicle owner's manual or contact the vehicle manufacturer.
  • Is it true that new engines need break-in periods using conventional motor oil?

    That is a myth. In the past, engine break-in was necessary to remove metal flashing or any other abrasive material left inside the engine after machining, as well as to allow the valves and rings to "seat" properly. Today's engines are built with much tighter tolerances and much improved machining, and under much cleaner conditions compared to the engines of 10 or 20 years ago. Current engine manufacturing technology does not require a break-in period using petroleum-based motor oils.
  • Should I follow the "severe" service oil change intervals mentioned in my owner's manual? Does Mobil 1™ offer specific benefits under these conditions?

    Many kinds of driving conditions qualify your vehicle for severe service oil change intervals, and Mobil 1 is ideal for this service. Severe service conditions can include, among other things:

    •   Trips of less than 10 miles
    •   Driving in cold weather
    •   Idling for extended periods
    •   Stop-and-go traffic
    •   Pulling trailers/carrying heavy loads
    •   Driving in dusty conditions

    Under both normal and severe service conditions, Mobil 1 is engineered to provide performance reserves in the areas of sludge prevention, piston cleanliness, wear protection and high-temperature durability.

  • How often should I change the oil if I'm using Mobil 1™?

    Oil change intervals can be as short as 3,000 miles or as long as 15,000 miles on some new cars. We recommend that you follow the oil and filter change frequencies shown in your owner's manual, especially during the warranty period. With the high-performance reserves of Mobil 1, you can have the confidence to go the full mileage or time frame recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. Mobil 1 is especially suitable for the latest vehicles with extended drain intervals or vehicles with oil monitoring systems that vary oil drain intervals.
  • Can I use an oil supplement and/or engine treatment with Mobil 1™?

    ExxonMobil does not recommend it. According to the American Petroleum Institute (API) and Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers (AAM), "certified oils eliminate the need for supplemental engine oil additives." In fact, the use of any oil supplement is not recommended by car manufacturers and may void a warranty.
  • Can Mobil 1™ be used in lawn mowers, snowblowers and other small-cylinder engines?

    Yes, if the small engines are four-cycle engines that call for detergent-type motor oil. This type of engine has a separate crankcase for motor oil – it's not mixed with gasoline.
  • I like to change the oil myself. How should I dispose of Mobil 1™?

    You should follow the same environmentally sound procedures that you do with conventional motor oil. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) guidelines for disposal include:

    • Do not dump used motor oil in the trash.
    • Do not pour it on the ground or down the sewer or storm drain.
    • Place the used motor oil in a closed container.
    • Take it to a service station or a collection location that recycles used motor oil.
    • Do not burn the used motor oil in a space heater.
    • To make it easier to recycle, do not mix motor oil with other substances, such as gasoline or antifreeze.

    Many Exxon and Mobil service stations will take used motor oil from do-it-yourselfers and will follow EPA-approved recycling practices. Please note that it is acceptable to mix used Mobil 1 with used conventional oil. In short, Mobil 1 should be disposed of in the same manner as used conventional motor oil.

    Find out more about how to dispose of used oil, and locate proper disposal locations in your area.

  • I am thinking about switching to a high mileage motor oil. Is high mileage oil worth it?

    Yes. High mileage engines – those with more than 75,000 miles – face a number of potential problems that high mileage oil is specifically formulated to address. Some high mileage motor oils, such as Mobil 1™ High Mileage and Mobil Super™ High Mileage, contain engine oil additives and conditioners that help to combat leaks, sludge and general wear and tear. Mobil 1 High Mileage, in addition to providing unsurpassed wear protection, offers a lower volatility base oil to maintain protection in higher temperatures and reduce oil burn-off, which could be of value when an engine overheats. High mileage oil helps extend engine life through these additives and conditioners, which makes using a high mileage oil an important investment in your vehicle.
  • Does Mobil 1 High Mileage oil meet the current ILSAC GF-5 motor oil industry standards?

    No, we chose not to, to specifically address the protection needs of older vehicles with more than 75,000 miles. The increased base oil viscosity of Mobil 1 High Mileage oils helps reduce wear and provide better high temperature protection for vehicles with over 75,000 miles.
  • Where can I find data sheets (SDS, PDS)?

    Get all of the information you need by searching the SDS database or the PDS database. Safety Data Sheets (SDS), formerly known as Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), and Product Data Sheets (PDS) are important resources for manufacturers, fleets, fleet managers and owner/operators.
  • What is the difference between Mobil 1 High Mileage oil and other high mileage motor oils?

    Wear protection starts with reducing metal-to-metal contact. According to the industry-accepted Sequence IVA engine wear test, the Mobil 1 family of motor oils offers unsurpassed wear protection. Mobil 1 High Mileage is part of our line of advanced full synthetic motor oils using the latest in additive and base oil technologies.

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