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Mobil 1™ motorcycle oil filter

Mobil 1™ Motorcycle Oil Filters

Designed to trap dirt and deliver high efficiency

Mobil 1 Motorcycle Oil Filters are designed for a variety of uses, from racing, street and off-road motorcycles to extreme sports vehicles, such as ATVs, jet skis and snowmobiles.

The Mobil 1 Motorcycle Oil Filter line’s proprietary design traps and holds more dirt than a leading conventional brand.* For a full list of Mobil 1 Motorcycle Oil Filters, see below.

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*ISO 4548-12 test procedure M1-301

Features and benefits

Mobil 1™ Motorcycle Oil Filters provide

  • High efficiency – removing up to 99.9 percent of contaminants*
  • High capacity – advanced synthetic fiber blend holds more dirt than a leading conventional oil filter*

Mobil 1 Motorcycle Oil Filters feature

  • Steel center tube – to provide added internal strength
  • Peel-off label with oil change reminder – to help keep bikes clean
  • Chrome and black canister design options

*Based on ISO 4548-12 test procedure M1-301.

Mobil 1 Motorcycle Oil Filters product line

  • M1C-151A - Polaris Slingshot 2384 cc.
  • M1MC-131 - BMW Motorcycles (1989-03) (BMW 11421460845)
  • M1MC-132 - Harley-Davidson Motorcycles (1987-19), Buell Motorcycles (1987-02) (Harley-Davidson 63796-77A) Chrome Filter
  • M1MC-133 - Suzuki Motorcycles (1987-19) (Suzuki 16510-06B00)
  • M1MC-134 - Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha Motorcycles (1991-19) (Honda 15410-MCJ-003; Yamaha 5GH-13440-00)
  • M1MC-171 - Honda Motorcycles (1976-87) (Honda 15410-426-010)
  • M1MC-172 - Kawasaki Motorcycles (1980-08) (Kawasaki 16099-003)
  • M1MC-173 - Honda Motorcycles & ATV's (1981-11)
  • M1MC-174 - Yamaha Motorcycles (1984-16) (Yamaha 2H0-13440-90, 4X7-13771-90)

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