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Since 2011, we’ve been a primary sponsor of Stewart-Haas Racing, helping them win multiple NASCAR® Cup Series championships. And more than half of all NASCAR® teams use Mobil 1™ products to help achieve outstanding performance and reliability. No two NASCAR® tracks are alike, so we’re regularly adapting our products to provide a winning advantage that suits the environment. We’re just as at home on the high banks of Bristol as we are on the sweeping turns of Daytona.

2019 Ford Mustang prepared by Stewart-Haas Racing

Engine Type: FR9 0HV V-8
Displacement: 358 cubic inches
Compression ratio: 12:1
Horsepower: 750 hp at 8,900 rpm (unrestricted)
Torque: 550 ft-lbs at 7,500 rpm (unrestricted)

2019 Ford Mustang front grill

Mobil 1™ motor oil


Reducing friction in an engine is essential to gaining maximum power and performance. Special engine oils are developed for qualifying, plate and open engine applications.

Mobilube 1 SHC™ axle oil


Low traction gear oil technology provides efficiency gains in the rear differential. This directly increases power to the rear wheels, helping to improve lap times.

Mobilube 1 SHC™ transmission oil


Low traction transmission oil technology improves transmission efficiency. This directly increases power to the rear wheels, helping to improve lap times.

Mobil SHC™ hydraulic oil


Used in the power steering system to reduce friction losses and resist the extreme temperatures encountered, which can exceed 150 degrees Celsius/300 degrees Fahrenheit.

Mobilith SHC™ 1000 Special grease


Helps reduce spline temperatures, dramatically improving wear and deposit resistance.

Mobilith SHC™ 460 grease


Extreme suspension setup and heat soak from the brake rotors present a demanding lubrication challenge in the wheel bearing contact. Mobilith SHC 460 grease helps protect the components in temperatures that can reach 150 degrees Celsius/300 degrees Fahrenheit.

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